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At Rival Athletics, we view all-star cheerleading as a transformative experience that goes beyond just a sport; it serves as a powerful platform for character and confidence building. Emphasizing values such as teamwork, perseverance, commitment, and hard work, we are dedicated to empowering our athletes to cultivate both skills and self-assurance, ensuring success both on and off the mat.

Our team of coaches have exceptional knowledge and expertise across a diverse range of areas. Our program offers many teams, classes, and clinics that are designed to cater to a wide range of abilities and aspirations.

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Elite All-Star

The full year all-star program is a competitive all-star cheerleading program that fields teams of athletes ages 4+ and ranging in levels 1-6. The season begins in May and lasts through late April. When forming teams we are looking for full mastery of skills to be placed within a level, as well as stunting positions.


Elite teams will practice two/three days a week. You can expect extra practices to take place for choreography, around competition season, and for extra work at the coaches discretion. Athletes are also expected to put in work outside of scheduled practice time such as running miles, stunt group work, tumbling, etc.

All star cheerleading requires a large amount of commitment, not only from the athletes but also from the family.

Please make sure you are aware of our policies as well as financial commitment. Thank you for taking the time to ensure Rival Athletics is the right choice for your athlete and family.

All-Star Prep

All-star prep is a great option for families who prefer not to travel out-of-state for competitions. This is also a great introduction to all-star cheerleading without the time commitment and cost.

Prep teams will begin practicing in June, and will end their season in December. All-star prep teams will practice 1 time a week, for 2.5 hours.

Teams will compete/perform between 2-3 times. All prep teams will only compete locally, and will not travel out-of-state.

Tumbling Classes

We offer a variety of classes throughout the week Monday-Friday. This will include tumbling classes, flexibility, jumps and strength and conditioning classes. These classes are open to all athletes.

Private Lessons

Our staff members offer private lessons for individuals working to continue their progression in tumbling, flexibility, jumps and choreography. Private lessons offer personalized attention and guidance, allowing students to focus on areas where they want to improve and progress at their own pace. It's a great way to refine techniques, address specific challenges, and receive tailored feedback from experienced instructors. Plus, the individualized approach can help boost confidence and motivation as students see tangible progress in their abilities.

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